Algonquin Park is One of the Best Places in the World to View Moose

Algonquin Park Moose

Algonquin Park Moose Viewing

Algonquin Park, Ontario – Ontario has the world’s most connected canoe routes and Algonquin Park is a great place to enjoy many of them. it’s a nature-lover’s paradise: 7,725 km of lakes, rivers, forest, trails, camping, comfortable lodges, 2000 km of canoe routes. It’s also, perhaps the best place in North America to spot moose. There are about 3500 in the park.The best time for spotting them is in May and June, and it’s easiest in the early morning along ‘the Corridor’, a the 56-km stretch of Hwy 60 that cuts through the southwest section of the park (you would take this highway to go to Ottawa).

The moose often come right to the roadside. Sodium-depleted from the winter months, moose hang around the highway because of the salty water in roadside ditches and marshes (for a moose, a marsh is like a big salad bowl). Salt is deposited in this area each winter during snow removal. Take hwy speed warnings seriously. This is a great area for spotting moose, but about 30 are killed annually in road accidents, and this massive awkwardlooking animal is large enough to do serious damage to both vehicles and passengers. The Park is less than three hours north of Toronto.

Quick Tips: On Thursday nights in August and in September before Labour day up to 600 cars will gather along Hwy 60 to hear wolves howl.


Frank MacDougall Parkway, Nipissing,- Highway 60, Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada


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